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If you've had a days where juggling kiddos, work and wearing multiple hats has become the norm, welcome to The Mom-e Club, THE place for you to gain real life, entrepreneurial experiences from mom and women entrepreneurs everywhere who GET IT!

What The Mom-e Club is:

A business mastermind AND support organization
We bring mom and women entrepreneurs together in a safe, comfortable environment to build meaningful connections and learn from one another through our meetings and educational webinars. No high heels or facade required. Come join us and just be. Your first two visits are complimentary.

A place to grow both personally and professionally
Whether you're an aspiring or established entrepreneur, we are always willing to listen and support YOU in whatever your dreams may be.

More than your average networking group
We provide you with countless opportunities to take a break from the norm and meet new friends at our quarterly social mixers, monthly live and virtual chapter meetings, mom-e gatherings, and our annual event each year.

Watch our video below featuring our 2013 Top 10 Mom Entrepreneur of the Year finalists and the words they use to describe being a mom entrepreneur. Video courtesy of BASIX Media.

What The Mom-e Club is NOT:

A leads-based only networking group
Our members are always willing to support and do business with one another through referrals, but sales is not the main or only focus at our monthly chapter meetings.

Industry exclusive
We wholeheartedly believe that business is derived from creating meaningful relationships, not by passing business cards, so we allow more than one representative and the same industries into the Club as our members are free to visit all of our chapters throughout the country.

Only limited to mom entrepreneurs
You do not need to be a mom to be a part of the Club, nor do you have to be a mom with young kiddos. With that said, our meetings focus on business, your other baby, as all of our members are in different stages of motherhood. Some have grandbabies while others have fur or feather babies. Whoever your baby is, everyone is welcome.

A hard core networking group with a strict agenda
In the Mom-e Club, we've banned the buzzer. You will never be given only 30 seconds to talk...ever. In the 1.5 hours you are with us in our monthly chapter meetings, we guarantee you will learn and connect with other women on a much deeper level by listening and communicating during our mastermind hot seat and roundtable discussion. You always have the floor to share what's on your mind without interruption.

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