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Stephanie Noyes, Chapter President

Growing up in Tucson, Stephanie is no stranger to all the wonders the desert has to offer other than the sweltering heat.  The beautiful cactus blooms in spring, green desert trees in summer, lush parks and outdoor museums that are a draw for tourists from all walks of life.  She loves Tucson so much she had her children there! Virginia and Colin were both born in Tucson and daily amaze her with new things they want to do in this beautiful city they call home.

Because of them Stephanie has always known that her place was home with them and to their defense it’s where she wanted to be.  At the same time she also had a drive and ambition to succeed that has never kept her from accomplishing any task she set her mind to.  She received her MBA from the University of Phoenix, then tried her hat at several different businesses that she thought would work but just didn’t fit her passion.  She has a strong sales background and had used it for things like insurance sales, direct sales of kitchen products, home décor direct sales, but none of it was quite satisfying or gave her the ability to meet the needs of her finances as a single parent or her needs of enjoying what I do.

Then she realized she was most happy in the kitchen with her kids.  Whenever they were baking up a storm with flour dust clouds flying and different colors of frosting everywhere was the best time of day.  She was inspired to launch Between Friends Bakery after having coffee with her long time friend.  Stephanie specializes in individual size treats that you can enjoy with a friend over a cup of coffee and catch up on time while the rest of the day melts away.  What could be a better way than to bring that same enjoyment to others?

Recently, Stephanie met a wonderful woman that introduced her to an experience to help enrich women’s lives from the inside out as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.  She is so blessed to meet such wonderful women every day and see all the beauty that is in every one of them.  She feels fortunate just to spend that time getting to know them.  Just like Between Friends, she sits down and has some girl talk over coffee with her friends and gets to pamper them.  She couldn’t ask for a better way to give back to the incredible women she meets.

Whether Stephanie is baking in the kitchen, meeting some fabulous women for a facial, volunteering for Girl Scouts, school, or church with her kids, The Mom-e Club has her heart and she can’t wait to meet others like her.